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Our free tools are designed for startups to swiftly evaluate and define sustainable strategies, offering quick-start resources and expert methodology. Communicate your strategy to investors, customers and partners by simply exporting a PDF into your pitch deck.

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Discover your benefits:

ESG: Speed to action

Get a direct ESG assessment in 30 minutes and discover improvement actions

Set Impact Goals

Define Impact Goals and connect them to international frameworks and measurable KPI's.

Estimate your GHG savings potential

Use real greenhouse gas emissions factors to showcase the power of your climate solutions.

Get going with our free tools for startups

ESG Starter tool

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Gain ESG understanding

Get a comprehensive overview of the sustainability landscape. Use the tool to support sustainability vision and strategy development for your startup.

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ESG assessment in 30 minutes

Our questions are based on latest research and guide you to understand the ESG maturity of your organization. All while identifying strengths and weaknesses for improvement.

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Communicate your ESG score

You can easily extract an ESG report which comes as pdf one-pager, ideal to include  in your startup pitch deck. Showcase your impact with transparency, attract new deals and stand out for impact investors.

GHG & Impact Estimator tool

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Quantify the GHG reduction potential of your products

Receive an estimation of your emissions with effortless processes that are based on scientific methods. Backed by connections to prevalent emissions databases. Including “Scope 4 emissions”, or “avoided emissions”, which are greenhouse gas emissions that are avoided due to more efficient goods and services.

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Impact vision & strategy development supported

Use the tool to identify material impacts based on Theory of Change and receive concrete, evidence-based improvement suggestions to guide and assist you in your sustainability journey, while improving your score.

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Tailor impact goals to your business needs

Define impact target metrics and KPIs. Align with international standards such as SDGs, IRIS & EU Taxonomy. The goals setup supports any impact category or business model.

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