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Flexibility & Freedom

We do not believe in micro-managing. Your responsibilities and tasks are your own and we will support you to achieve these. We won’t breathe down your neck! Take your time to shape your ideas and thoughts and work the way you like.

Ownership & Empowerment

We empower you to own your ideas from conception to delivery and we support each other’s professional and personal development, e.g. through regular 1:1 meetings.


Apart from the legal minimum, we encourage flexibility in work hours and design policies to allow you to spend maximum time with your family or personal development (e.g. sabbaticals, thesis projects). This is being lived by the founding team.

Step 1: Application

Apply with your CV and other documents that highlight your expertise and fit.

Step 2: Interviews

We want to learn more about you. Who are you as a person, what experiences shaped you, and what are your plans for the future? This will help you and us to determine the mutual fit.

Step 3: Specific Assignment

Depending on the role you applied for, you might be given a specific assignment to complete before the next application step.

Step 4: Chat with Leadership

After the assignment, we will set up a conversation with our wider management to further discuss the plans for the company and how you fit into it.

Step 5: Welcome Aboard

Once all the stages are successfully completed, we will roll out an offer for you to join us.

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