Give your lending operations a sustainable advantage

Whether for green loans, sustainable loans or positive incentive loans, the challenge lies in designing an effortless ESG evaluation process for both sides; the bank and the applicant.

A collage showing ESG, GHG and CO2 from the software tool

Assess sustainable business practices in 30 minutes

Our ESG assessment has been used by over 500 companies – not only is it user friendly and intuitive, but we can also customize the assessment to your specific needs.

ESG assessment in financial products

ESG scoring in 30 min

As financial institutions are considering the sustainability and responsible business practices of potential business borrowers, an intuitive and transparent ESG assessment is essential to improve the business of lending. Invite applicants via one simple link and they will take the standardized assessment in 30 minutes.

Benchmark ESG scores across applicants

After an applicant submitted their assessment, the results can be benchmarked against other applicants across different ESG categories. Custoimzation of the ESG questionnaire is possible.

Improve risk assessment & loan pricing

Automated decision support helps borrowers to take action on ESG initiatives to improve performance. Incorporating ESG variables will increase the accuracy of risk models, giving banks a competitive advantage. Reducing the price of loans to high ESG performers will help clients to invest in sustainability.

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