Your impact is our passion.

With a strong background of complementary experiences and achievements, we strive to make the world's sustainability knowledge easily accessible.

What we do

At ImpactNexus, it is our goal to make it easy for millions of companies worldwide to go beyond reporting. We help them comply with regulations, but we also speed up the transition to sustainable business models.

We use technology to help companies navigate sustainability risks, find opportunities and enable them to create a positive impact.

Why we do it

We need a rapid sustainability transition of our economy and progress is too slow. All evidence suggests that we are not fast enough to prevent climate change. The latest data shows that we are not on track to keep the global temperature increase within the 1.5°C limit that would limit the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

We are also not fast enough to address the various social and environmental challenges our societies face. For instance, we are a long way from achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, agreed to by the member countries of the United Nations. We know that we have to change, but in practice, the transition towards a sustainable economy is far too slow. At ImpactNexus, we aim to help companies to accelerate their sustainability transition.

Meet the people behind
the product

Team picture of Constanze Trautwein, CPO
Dr. Constanze Trautwein
Co-Founder & CPO
Team picture of Marie-Sophie Litz, Co-CTO
Marie-Sophie Litz
Co-founder, Co-CTO
Team picture of Hasan Celik, Senior Software Engineer
Hasan Çelik
Senior Software Engineer
Team picture of Jason Yang, CTO
Jason Yang
Co-founder & CTO
Team picture of Simon Metcalfe, Product Owner
Simon Metcalfe
Product Owner
Team picture of Alexander Schabel, CEO
Alexander Schabel
Co-founder & CEO
Team picture of Liam Laird, Senior Software Engineer
Liam Laird
Senior Software Engineer
Team picture of Linda Grönlund, Business Developer
Linda Grönlund
Business Development Manager
Team picture of Julia Perfilova Sustainability Analyst
Julia Perfilova
Sustainability Analyst
Team picture of Craig Griffiths, Business Developer
Craig Griffiths
VP Growth & Customer Success
Investor picture of Georg Rasinski, HERE Technologies
Georg Rasinski
VP Sales
Picture of Liam Tharp Machine Learning Engineer
Liam Tharp
Machine Learning Engineer


For clients, partners and internally we value mutual trust, transparency, and cooperation across different teams, domains, and work streams. We embrace vulnerability and we’re open with what we don’t know and what we don’t understand.


A passion for the greater good is built deep into the company culture, and is pushing ourselves and everything that we do towards a continuous learning and a high level of personal development.


We are dedicated to create impact that is measurable. That way, it will be easier for companies and their investors to take action on real sustainability matters. For us, this is highly motivational.

Advisory Board & Investors

Investor picture of Christian Bacher, Vireo Ventures
Christian Bacher
Vireo Ventures GmbH
Investor picture of Andrea Rösinger, Co-CEO FORCAM GmbH, Ex-SAP Executive
Dr. Andrea Rösinger
Co-CEO FORCAM GmbH, Ex-SAP Executive
Team picture of Jannic Horne, CFO
Dr. Jannic Horne
Co-founder & Strategic Advisor
Investor picture of Ina Schlie, Ex SAP Executive
Ina Schlie
Ex-SAP Executive
Investor picture of Tobias Berghaus
Tobias Berghaus
GM Middle East
Angel & Ex-Deloitte
Investor picture of Jörg Walden, CEO iPointsystems
Jörg Walden
Founder & Ex-CEO of iPointsystems GmbH
Investor picture of Marcus Schaper, Ex-CIO E.ON and Ex-McKinsey
Marcus Schaper
Ex-CIO E.ON & Ex-McKinsey
Investor picture of Camilla Bausch, Ecologic Institute
Dr. Camilla Bausch
Director at Ecologic Institute
Investor picture of Klaus Fichter, CEO Borderstep Institute
Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter
CEO Borderstep Institute, Professor Entrepreneurship Oldenburg University
Investor picture of Olga Kaus, Director BioNTech
Olga Kaus
Director Risk Performance & Business Continuity Mgmt BioNTech SE
Investor picture of Mirna Marovic, VentureXchange
Mirna Marovic
CEO VentureXchange Ltd.

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