We are making climate protection investable in startups

Our Score4Impact project develops an efficient and highly automated assessment of startups with regard to their climate protection and sustainability potential.

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What is it

This project enables capital providers, startup support organizations and startups to make a climate and sustainability assessment that can serve as a basis for investment decisions.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the research institute Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability and SDG Investments GmbH.

Why we do it

As this project will enable capital providers, startup promoters and startups themselves to make a precise assessment, we believe it will lead to an increase in investments in startups with high greenhouse gas reduction potential, and to increased climate protection activity by obvious “non-green” startups.

Hence, the aim of the project is to make startups and their climate protection and sustainability potential more visible.

How we do it

The potential will be calculated more reliable and cost-effective than current approaches with the help of machine learning approaches. To achieve this, powerful data mining and evaluation methods are being developed that combine modern data processing with the expertise of specialists. This enables Score4Impact to develop web-based assessment services specifically suited for investors, startup promoters and startups. Here, the focus is on time- and cost-efficiency as well as assessment of climate protection and sustainability potentials of innovative startups.

Specifically, two different web-based tools have been developed:

> The ESG Starter tool

Get an initial ESG assessment and score in 30 minutes and receive a clear overview of your sustainability landscape. You can then use this information as a base for your strategic development. Extract an ESG report and showcase your impact with transparency, attract new deals and stand out to investors.

> The GHG & Impact Estimator tool

Here you can quantify the GHG reduction potential of your products and receive an estimation of your emissions (Scope 4). Identify material impacts and receive concrete, evidence-based improvement suggestions to guide and assist you in your sustainability journey.

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