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New capital is helping us make sustainable finance smart and easy.
Jannic Horne
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Targeting venture capital and private equity portfolio managers, ImpactNexus offers solutions for efficient sustainability management

ImpactNexus, a solution provider for sustainability reporting and impact management, announced that it has closed its first funding round, raising EUR 800K. This will allow the company to fully pursue its growth objectives for 2023.

ImpactNexus is initially targeting venture capital and private equity portfolio managers, who are currently facing a major challenge: The EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) requires financial product providers to submit, for the first time by June 2023, an annual report on the extent to which they include sustainability in their decision-making processes for their financial products and the impact this has on the environment, climate and society. And the more a fund is focused on sustainability, the higher the reporting requirements – leading to high costs and effort for many providers, and there is often a lack of know-how and effective data flow between the various stakeholders in their portfolio.

10x time and cost savings to achieve sustainability goals
This is where ImpactNexus comes in. The declared goal of ImpactNexus is to reduce the time and costs for sustainability reporting and optimization measures by a factor of 10. To this end, ImpactNexus develops innovative software-as-a-service solutions with an experienced team of sustainability experts, software developers and data scientists.

This includes, for example, the ability to query sustainability data from portfolio companies with just a few clicks and to generate SFDR reports following the official guidelines of the European Commission. At the heart of this is the growing NEXUS database, which makes it possible to automatically evaluate portfolio companies’ sustainability impact and provides tailor-made suggestions for optimization.

“With our digital solution, fund managers can assess the social and environmental impact of their portfolios and efficiently report to their various stakeholders while optimizing sustainability performance,” says Dr. Jannic Horne, CEO of ImpactNexus.

Vision: Sustainability management for medium-sized companies

In the medium term, ImpactNexus also sees medium-sized companies as a target group, since they suffer strongly from the lack of sustainability consultants. Here, access to the NEXUS database offers an efficient, digital way to optimize their sustainability performance. The capital from the financing round will be used to further finance product development. Investors such as Vireo Ventures, the investor network encourageventures, and other business angels as well as donor organizations took part in the round. Jörg Walden is an investor and advisor to ImpactNexus. He has founded companies in the context of compliance and sustainability reporting and optimization, including iPoint and CircularTree.

Regarding his investment in ImpactNexus, he says: “The future belongs entirely to companies that act in a sustainable, i.e., climate-neutral and circular economy manner. With its database and software solutions, ImpactNexus offers an important building block for achieving sustainability goals faster.”

You can find the full press release here.

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