We help you maximize the impact of your program.

Grow and optimize the ESG and impact performance of the whole cohort in your program. Our solutions encourage entrepreneurs to consider sustainability in their business models and practices, creating solid business benefits.
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Discover your benefits:

ESG: Speed to action

Companies get a direct ESG assessment in 30 minutes and discover improvement actions

Set Impact Goals

Define Impact Goals and connect them to international frameworks and measurable KPI's.

Track program sustainability impact

Aggregate sustainability data for your entire cohort or batch and use it to measure program impact.

ESG Screening

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Startups complete a software-guided ESG assessment questionnaire in 30 minutes where they get to identify strengths and weaknesses across social, environmental and governance aspects.

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ESG score enables comparison

Rank applicants on ESG score. Applicants can also use the ESG assessment summary (export as pdf) for their pitch decks.

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Goal setting and improvement suggestions included

Use the ESG assessment as starting point to a joint sustainability journey – define objectives, metrics and KPIs, and track your progress.

Sustainability Impact Tracking

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Define the impact of your accelerator program

Are you educating, monitoring, and mentoring teams of startups in fixed term, cohort-based programs? With ImpactNexus, you can now define the material impact of your program – the true social and environmental impact on stakeholders.

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Educate, guide and empower your startups

Educate on key sustainability concepts. Get ESG assessment for each startup in 30 minutes. Define impact metrics, set goals and KPIs. Benchmark your startup portfolio.

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Communicate your impact

Obtain program portfolio status dashboard per cohort (export as csv or pdf). Use it to communicate your program’s impact. The startups can include ESG assessment in their pitch decks. You can show performance improvements over time.

Sustainability Workshop

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Do an ESG assessment and get a score

Get a background to sustainability theory. Look at the benefits of sustainability management and measurement. Learn the definition of ESG strategies and measures. And then end with a guided self-assessment including defining 2-3 improvement actions.

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Learn Impact Goal Setting

Define 1-3 main impacts and then select your KPIs. After that you will get a printable impact profile.

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Customizable content

Enjoy a hybrid format with short lectures, discussions and peer feedback. Different variations and foci are possible. Use ImpactNexus to create documents for pitch deck, fundraising and other use cases.

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