Support & documentation for PAI / SFDR reporting

You have been invited by your fund or investment manager to provide data under the European Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). On this page you find guidance on how to complete the request via the ImpactNexus software.

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Steps to enter data

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We have not done a greenhouse gas assessment before. How should we proceed?

ImpactNexus recommends using the Normative Carbon Business Calculator.The calculator is easy to use and designed for medium sized businesses. It mostly uses expenditures to assess carbon emissions. It does require a seperate sign-up at no additional cost.

Visit the Normative Business Carbon Calculator

By when does the data entry has to be completed?

The deadline to enter all KPIs has been extended to November 17, 2023

Does the KPI "Value of Investment for Rantum Capital" have to be entered?

The KPI "Value of Investment for Rantum Capital" will be entered by Rantum Capital. Companies are not required to enter this data point themselves.

What does EDCI stand for and do we also have to fill in those indicators?

EDCI stands for "ESG Data Convergence Initiative". The organization aims to streamline the data collection process in the private capital space by introducing common KPIs that are helpful in the management of corporate sustainability. These indicators also have to be reported for the year 2022.

Will the data entry be repeated in the future?

The SFDR regulation requires data to be provided on an annual basis. The timeline for further reporting requirements will be communicated in early 2024.

Is it possible to correct wrongly submitted data?

Yes. You can always click on a data point and make changes to the data. However, no changes will be possible after the November 17 deadline.

Can I receive help or guidance in the calculation of other KPIs aside from CO2?

Yes, every KPI has "i" information symbol next to its name. By clicking this symbol, you can find further guidance on how to calculate or obtain values for the respective KPI. Please also contact the ImpactNexus team via email ( or book a slot for a quick call for furhter assisstance.
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Can several people from one company contribute to the data entry?

Yes. You can either use the initial link shared with you via email to register new contributors, or invite them directly via the left side menue by clicking "invite team members".