About Us

Meet the ImpactNexus Team

Passionate about impact management and tech with a strong academic background and large network in the innovation ecosystem
Jannic Horne

Dr. Jannic Horne


Marie-Sophie Litz


Alexander Schabel


Dr. Constanze Trautwein


Hamidreza Keshavarz

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Vincent Reynaud

Senior Full Stack Developer

Oğuz Şerbetçi


Jannic Horne

Benjamin Huppert

On-Purpose Associate, Sales & Marketing

Shahrukh Khan

NLP Engineer

Gabriel Rios Lopez

Sales & Marketing Specialist

Hasan Çelik

Data Engineer

Our Advisors & Investors

Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter

CEO Borderstep Institute, Professor for Entrepreneurship at Oldenburg University

Dr. Andrea Rösinger

Co-CEO FORCAM GmbH, Ex-SAP Executive

Ina Schlie

Ex-SAP Executive, Board Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Jörg Walden

Founder and former CEO of iPoint-systems GmbH, Founder CircularTree

Marcus Schaper

Ex-CIO E.ON & Ex-McKinsey

Christian Bacher

Vireo Ventures GmbH

Olga Kaus

Director Risk Performance & Business Continuity Management, BioNTech SE

Georg Rasinski

Ex-HERE Technologies & LG Electronics

Our story

2019 – The Guiding question

Sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship were topics we had been working on for years in our daily work and in our academic research. This joined interest brought Alexander, Constanze, Jannic and Klaus together with one leading question, how can we leverage technology to improve the sustainability impact of businesses?

Building on our past experiences we decided to join forces around this question and to build up ImpactNexus as a spin-off from the Borderstep Institute for Innovation & Sustainability.

2021 – Launching ImpactNexus

In January Marie, Oguz and Jannic started as a full-time team with the product development. We kicked off the technical product development with multiple design sprints with startups, investors, and others experts from the innovation ecosystem. In constant exchange with customers, we developed a first MVP for the assessment and measurement of impact in new ventures. Building on this, we were soon able to generate first customer interest for our impact assessment solutions.

In our discussions with customers, we also realized that many customers need support in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance). Accordingly, we decided to expand our offering. Today, we can offer support to individual ventures and portfolio owners in the field of ESG as well as impact. So customers can choose the level of support they need to increase their impact and mitigate social and environmental risks. 

2020 – Building the foundation

Under the roof of the Borderstep Institute we began to set the foundations for ImpactNexus. We conducted an extensive customer discovery phase, developed and prototyped product concepts and applied for public support programs. 

We were lucky to find Marie early on in the development of ImpactNexus and to convince her to join us. With her strong software development and mathematical background she helped us to experiment with first prototypes along her full-time job.

At the end of the year, we received approval for the EXIST grant from the German Ministry of Economics. This gave us the funds to kick off ImpactNexus as an independent venture in 2021 and we were able to recruit Oğuz with his strong background in machine learning and NLP.