Explore how our solutions can help you to go beyond reporting: Our solutions provide you with sustainability management intelligence. Use them to get an effortless assessment of ESG risks and the impact performance of your portfolio.

Our solutions help you with key portfolio challenges

Managing a successful portfolio of companies can be hard. Emerging ESG regulation and the complexity of the impact topic add to this. We are here to navigate these challenges with our easy-to-use software solutions. Our software has use-cases for:

Venture Capital, Private Equity, Accelerators, Incubators, Corporates, SMEs and more

Comply with ESG requirements such as SFDR

The regulatory environment is evolving. Our tools enable portfolio managers to efficiently comply with regulations such as SFDR, improve performance and save thousands of Euros compared to available alternatives

Not to overburden your portfolio companies with reporting

We understand the resource constraints that companies face. Our tools are optimized to reduce the time needed to get meaningful results. This saves portfolio companies and portfolio managers days of work compared to existing solutions

Assisting your companies to create impact

Today’s top-performing companies create a positive impact with their businesses. Our tools enable companies to take action on sustainability. This way they can harness the benefits of sustainability attracting talent, customers, and investors.

Powerful Modules help you to Assess, Report and Optimize ESG and Impact Performance

Your portfolio in one intuitive dashboard

Our software helps to identify ESG risks of business models and guides companies to achieve maximum sustainability performance.

ESG Assessment

Portfolio companies fill in a survey to obtain a quick overview of environmental, social and governance risks. Companies are scored and relevant risks are flagged.

Impact Goals

Companies define relevant impact goals that are linked to SDGs and supported by
quantifiable metrics. This makes impact management tangible.

Track Metrics

Choose standard metrics from our database (e.g. IRIS+ or SFDR), set quantitative targets, and track progress for the entire portfolio.

Export PDF Reports

Generate convenient PDF exports of the assessment results of individual companies. Use these in the discussions with the company management, LPs, regulators or other stakeholders.

Improvement Suggestions

Companies get improvement suggestions directly inside the ESG module with guidance on how to improve the scoring results. 

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