Everything you need to know about using the ImpactNexus solutions.

Using ImpactNexus

What are the typical use-cases for the ImpactNexus solutions?

ImpactNexus is primarily used by venture capital funds, accelerators, and private equity investors. Our customers use the ImpactNexus solutions to manage and report all sustainability-related topics of their investment portfolio.

Companies that use ImpactNexus receive wide-ranging benefits to improve their sustainability performance, ranging from ESG topics to impact measurement. This helps them to get better access to finance, improve sales or acquire motivated new talents.

Will the data that I enter be visible publicly?

Privacy and data protection are of the greatest concern to us. ImpactNexus does not provide public profiles and none of your data is displayed publicly.

Should you be part of an investment portfolio or acceleration program that works with us, some of the data you enter will be accessible to your portfolio manager.

I have received a signup link - how do I proceed?

Step 1: Register one user with the link provided to you.

Step 2: If you wish, invite other users to collaborate. For this, log into your account, hover over the ImpactNexus logo in the top left corner of your screen and click on “invite team members”.

Step 3: Navigate to the “Modules” tab and start those modules that you wish to work on and that are part of your subscription plan.

Can I edit my answers in the ESG assessment after I submitted it?

Only companies can edit the answers to their ESG assessment. Once submitted as part of a portfolio, the portfolio manager has to “unfreeze” the assessment in order for changes to be made. Contact your portfolio manager for this if you wish to make changes after the submission.

Can I export data?

Yes. Depending on your access, you can either download PDF reports of your ESG assessment results, impact goal overview or metrics.

As a portfolio manager: You can navigate to either the ESG or Impact Goal tab and click on the wheel symbol on the right-hand side of every company in the overview.

As a company: In the upper-right corner of your navigation, you find the button “Export”. Select the export type and format that you wish to download.

Can I use ImpactNexus without being part of a venture portfolio or accelerator?

Yes. Contact us to find out about options and pricing.

What kind of data is required to use the ImpactNexus tools?

This depends on your selected modules and subscription package.

For the ESG assessment and Impact Goal module, qualitative answers are sufficient. If you decide to track metrics, you might need to provide quantitative data.

Can I create separate user accounts for my team members?

Yes, once you have signed up with ImpactNexus, you can invite others to join your account to collaborate. For this, log into your account, hoover over the ImpactNexus logo in the top left corner of your screen and click on “invite team members”.

Note: Please avoid entering data simultaneously. This can currently lead to issues when saving the data.