A new resource and good read for VCs

A contribution to the newly launched GITA handbook “Investing in Early-Stage Impact Tech”.
Jannic Horne
1 min

This week, GITA – the Global Impact Tech Alliance launched “Investing in early-stage impact tech- a handbook”. ImpactNexus and Tidal Impact have contributed to this publication with practical examples of impact scoring methodologies and tips on how to approach impact in the investing space.

The handbook is a practical ‘how-to’ resource for those interested in entering the impact venture capital sector, whether they are just starting out or have already created personal scoreboards. It is intended for VC firms who want to get involved in impact investing and impact investors who want to get involved in venture capital investments.

GITA is a network of impact tech professionals committed to addressing global challenges through tech innovation. The network provides guidance material for VC firms and organizes trainings and events.

Download the digital version of the handbook free of charge here.

Learn more about GITA here:

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